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workout from haum

Always be sure to be well hydrated before doing anything in our day, especially exercise. A common practice in the working world is to get the day started with caffeine and that will drain our body of its water. Caffeine is a natural diuretic which will immediately put us at a disadvantage because our muscles and joints rely on lubrication to function. If we're using caffeine then we need to be drinking extra water. Get some water in ya.

Before we get to talking about this routine, just a quick reminder that we should never start a new fitness program without consulting those we trust with directing our medical journey. Nothing we read here will ever seek to substitute the advice of a physician.

We're able to modify this routine to achieve all fascists of fitness: strength, endurance, power, and hypertrophy. To be clear, strength refers to being able to perform the exercise at all. Endurance refers to how many sets and repetitions we can perform of the exercise. Power refers to the speed and explosiveness we can put into the exercise. Finally, hypertrophy is the growth of our muscles. This often happens as we use our muscles at all but there comes a point where knowing how to overload the muscles properly is the only way to get them to grow. A visualization of how muscles are able to be trained can be seen here:

How we can achieve results from spending our time exercising is observed between an acute muscle overload and overreaching that load. We can read contradictions about the fitness industry until our eyeballs fall out but we can all agree that to work a muscle requires using a force upon it. So, let's talk about that. As seen above, our focus needs to be on staying within the zone of enhanced performance to see our best results. How can we achieve that? We have some solutions.


Overload Principle: Strength, endurance, and power can only be increased through this principle. We must have forces acting on muscles to use them. Physiological improvements occur only when a person physically demands more of the muscles than is normally required. In other words, in order to make a muscle stronger, it must first be fatigued. This can only be done by stressing it beyond its metabolic capacity.


  • We can fatigue a muscle by using high loads and few repetitions

  • The load may be reduced, and reps increased to a much greater number

  • Whichever method is chosen, the important factor is that the muscle involved is fatigued


Now that we have a better understanding on how fitness progression is achieved, we can see how body weight exercises can fatigue us in their own way. If we're heavier then less repetitions may be required to fatigue our muscles compared to if we were lighter.  That's going to be determined by our fitness level which is why a lifestyle fitness assessment maybe required for us to track our progress. Luckily, our haum team is equipped with a certified professional able to conduct one for us. And just like sharing the workout from haum routine, he'll do it for free. At haum, we're focused on helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

This fitness routine has been constructed by a mix of communities surrounding body weight exercises or calisthenics. The goal of taking on these exercises is to produce every day mobility into our every day lives. By achieving a routine for mobility, we're planting the seeds we need for our muscles of tomorrow to protect our joints that we don't even know are sore yet! Sedentary lifestyle does not discriminate and it can weave its way into the lives of all ages and body types. With this in mind, these exercise difficulty levels are guidelines only and should be seen as such. Each exercise should be done as many times as possible in every set because then we'll know that we've overloaded our muscles enough to progress. We should never set an arbitrary bar for ourselves unless it rests amongst the stars.

image created by monsune


Push ups are the staple of any backyard competition. They're also vital to getting up off of the ground. Since we're going to be improving our mobility, this exercise is a must.

Wide Grip Pull Ups 2_edited.jpg

It's hard to argue that we shouldn't be able to pull ourselves up off of the ground. Pulling is a part of every day life and so, the pull up will be mastered.


Powering through the heels and rising up out of any seat gives ourselves a purpose for our next movement. To get on the go, we need the squat!


Easily the most intimidating exercise of this routine, the bridge helps us combat the "forever flexion" of every day life. Getting each vertebrae to extend is as magical as a star being born. 

Leg Lifts 3.jpg

Making sure that we keep the core nice and tight is essential to a stable foundation. We're used to bending forward but getting those legs up can be challenging. Let's work on it.


Closing out the foundation is focus on the obliques. The ability to look over there is not to be underestimated. Especially during a sneeze.

We always want our breath to guide us but sometimes it's hard to find a good pace to our breath. So, a good reminder is to take 2 seconds with each flexion or extension then hold for 1 second and then take 2 seconds to get back to our starting position.

Also, let's take a rough 90 seconds between sets and 2 or 3 minutes between each exercise. Get some water in ya whenever possible.

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