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Much of this information will seem like we've read it before. That's to try to help us remember it while we're training. Especially breathing and timing as those are often easily forgotten... possibly even quite easily forgotten by this author... maybe.

  • Repetition breaths should be roughly 2 seconds for every extension and flexion.

  • Take a shorter breath between reps that’s closer to 1 second. But don’t stress about timing. Just stay controlled and follow our breath.

  • We should start at the first modification for all 6 exercises until we're able to finish the Advanced Level number of Sets and Repetitions. This will help us build stability that we never knew we had potential for!

  • How often you do these exercises are in the eyes of the beholder.

Obviously David Goggins would eat all of these exercises for breakfast but if we’re just beginning fitness, it should look something like this:​


Monday – Push ups & Squats

Tuesday – Rest (light walking/hiking)

Wednesday – Pull ups & Leg Raises

Thursday – Rest (light biking/swimming)

Friday – Bridges & Twists

Saturday – Rest (light yoga)

Sunday – Rest (extended meditation)

  • When starting fitness, we want to avoid 24 hours of complete rest so a routine can develop but we do not want to over train, either. If we're also doing weight training or breaking down muscles to the point of them demanding repair, more rest would be needed. It’s important to understand our fitness level. Always refer to your health professional/physician before starting any fitness routine to see if it’s right for you and your body.

  • If we're more accustomed to a fitness routine then maybe the exercises in this routine could be used like this:


Monday – Push ups & Squats

Tuesday – Pull ups & Leg Raises

Wednesday – Bridges & Twists

Thursday – Push ups & Squats

Friday – Pull ups & Leg Raises

Saturday – Bridges & Twists

Sunday – Rest (meditation)

  • Remember during the introduction on the haum workout page when we discussed overloading the muscles to the point of fatigue? Well, doing the routine with less rest will help us fatigue ourselves further. We could do every exercise in the routine every single day as long as we're conditioned to do so.

  • All of the information here is for free to try to help as many people as possible. We believe in a healthy community and that means a healthy YOU. Welcome haum! If you wish to support this kind of information sharing please consider getting a t-shirt or sweater. Maybe you're a minimalist and would just care to donate. If you're not able to do so right now, then feel free to just come on in and visit us. That's more than enough. And remember, get some water in ya!

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