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first assessment

At haum, our deepest and most fierce goal is to help you help yourself get healthier. We can’t think of a better way to get ourselves headed in that direction other than to give you, our time. What better way to understanding ourselves than discussing it with a professional to get to the bottom of what’s in our way. If you’re having trouble getting those last few inches to dunk a basketball, or those last few inches to get up a flight of stairs, at haum, we have solutions. We’ll take whatever your goals are and place you on a path to realize them. Below are some things we will go over before creating a plan specifically for YOU:

  • Physical Active Readiness Questionnaire to assess your current situation.

  • Body Weight, Measurements, and Lipid Calculations for Body Fat Percentage.

  • Full discussion of where you are and where you want to be.

  • General solution to lead you toward the completion of your goals.

  • A follow up appointment if we’ve agreed to progress any further with paid meetings.

If you're having trouble doing anything fitness related from learning how to lift weights or doing other types of resistance training to figuring out how to walk, then we can always help you at haum. Our health management team is your haum team. Use us! If you ever have any hurdles, give us a call and together, we'll turn em into speed bumps!

let me design a personal program for you that will carry you from now for the rest of your life.

Class Schedule

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