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Health Professional & Personal Trainer


Monsune El Niño

Our health manager and personal trainer, Monsune, has been in the health and fitness industry his entire life. Since t-ball from the age of five, Monsune has always been team captain or in a leadership role to lead stretching and cheering for his squad. Following him throughout his life, fitness has always made its way into the forefront of his leisure so he decided to make it permanent in 2011 where he would complete his 52 week training at Eastern College for a diploma in Health, Wellness, and Recreation. Upon completion, he also received the Student of The Year Award as voted on by his peers. His skill set is extraordinary, and he’s worked in many subfields of fitness including but not limited to:

  •  Recreational Programming

  •  Self Actualization and Individual Responsiveness

  •  Fitness Facility Recommendation from the DND to the YMCA

  •  Understanding Anatomy Systems

  •  Principles of Exercise Training (strength, endurance, power, hypertrophy)

  •  Environmental Adaptations

  •  Advanced Fitness & Exercise Prescription

  •  Personal Training & Programming

  •  Nutritional Guidance

  •  Advanced Exercise such as Proprioception and Neuromuscular Control

  •  Group Fitness Program Design

  •  Biomechanics, Kinesiology & Exercise Physiology

After many years of working in different backgrounds, Monsune has built himself a
reputation of fair play. What you’re willing to give is what you’re going to get in
return when working at haum and there’s no team on your side better than haum
team. Pride is going to be the difference in whether you’re going to continue the
grind or not and Monsune is ready to help you find the pride in yourself to get strong
and stay strong. Knowing what it’s like to wake up exhausted or to be down and out
for years due to injury and/or pain are things that Monsune has addressed in himself
and others countless times before and getting the mobility needed in your life for
daily activity is his passion. There’s very little greater pain than not being able to face
the day with your best self. Your best self is waiting for you. Come haum and get
after it! And always remember; Get Some Water In Ya!

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