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About haum studios

a path to self discovery



Hello & Welcome!

haum studios is located in Liverpool, Nova Scotia.

We offer an array of Yoga led classes daily, Fitness Assessments, Calisthenic Training & local art

Whether this is your first ever yoga class, a reintroduction, a never thought about scenario or your millionth attendance, there will always be room for you at haum. 

If you are interested in understanding your body on a deeper level, we can walk you through a personal fitness assessment & discuss your questions & goals to help continue you on your path forward.

If you're interested in our yoga classes, remember, yoga is what you make it, it comes in many forms, just as we do.

It can be an intense flow to get a sweat on, slow movement, no movement, breathing, meditating, dancing, crying, sitting, standing, upside down. This is your space to reclaim how you define who you are & what you need.

We welcome you haum, to a place of self discovery.

We look forward to meeting you!

- Aurora, Monsune, Liightning & Ecliipse

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